Friday, October 24, 2008

Video Podcast Interview with Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich

Instead of our usual Friday audio podcast, we’ve ramped it up a little bit in commemoration of our 20th anniversary celebration of “Headbangers Ball.” We’ve put together a video podcast for you, and not just any video podcast, a video podcast with Metallica founder Lars Ulrich that was shot at the band’s San Francisco practice space/hangout/home studio Metallica HQ.

During the interview, Ulrich talks about the birth of and enduring influence of “Headbangers Ball,” referencing ex-host Riki Rachtman and some of the highlights of the program; the uniting force of the program; and the importance of Metallica’s “One” video, which broke the band into the MTV world.

Ulrich also discusses the tremendous success of the band’s new record Death Magnetic, the perceived “failure” of its last album St. Anger, the decision to revisit elements from past releases for the new disc, what producer Rick Rubin brought to the band and the challenge and importance of relinquishing control and rolling with the punches. Click "here" to watch it all.

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