Friday, February 22, 2008

Interview with Hellhammer and Celtic Frost Frontman Tom G. Warrior

Headbangersblog recently placed a long-distance call to the bowels of Hell for a podcast interview with Hellhammer and Celtic Frost frontman Tom Gabriel Warrior to discuss: why he decided to finally release Hellhammer's demos on CD as Demon Entrails; the psychic and spiritual pain that birthed the band; the scathing reactions the group received during its existence; the ultimate influence they've had over the years on bands ranging from Mayhem to Sepultura and the possibility of a Hellhammer reunion. We also chatted with Warrior about the inspiration behind Celtic Frost; the band's enormous accomplishments in the metal underground; their failed attempt at being a spandex-clad hair metal band on 1988's Cold Lake; the eventual breakup of Frost; their resurrection with 2006's colossal Monotheist; and the band's next studio album.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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